Channel 19 Explores Impact of Jail Ministry

WXOW-TV interviewed a La Crosse area resident in May 2018 to tell her story, and the story of the La Crosse Jail Ministry.  Elizabeth was arrested in 2013 for driving under the influence and seriously injuring two people. In the interview, Elizabeth readily acknowledges that she was indeed driving impaired. She also says that, despite having a history of receiving formal substance treatment, she was not ready at the time of her arrest to do the hard work needed to recover including Drug Court. After her entry into the penal system in La Crosse County she was transferred to a […]

Hellos and Goodbyes

Saying hello and goodbye happens frequently in a volunteer organization. New people join eager to contribute, while others end their involvement for various reasons. The La Crosse Jail Ministry is no exception. In January three long-time Board members completed two consecutive three-year terms and, as our Bylaws require, said farewell: Vicky Gunderson, Sr. Mary Ann Gschwind and Maureen Freedland. These women care deeply for jail ministry and have contributed greatly. Sr. Mary Ann served in various capacities for 20 years or more. Maureen served two years as Board President and fully embraced every necessary task. Fortunately, she will continue to […]

Chaplain’s Corner

When I first met this young lady, she was 17 and already a meth addict. In Wisconsin, 17 year olds are treated as adults, and though there have been some changes in how we treat 17 year olds in the adult jail, this is where they come when they are arrested. I knew her family because most of them had also been in jail. Over the years that I got to know her, her addiction especially showed in her teeth. Meth does terrible things to a heavy user’s teeth. This young lady didn’t tell me her whole story at once, […]